Big man Bazu! Willis Raburu building multi million bungalow in Nairobi’s trendy neighborhood (Photos + video)

Citizen Tv’s news anchor Willis Raburu has finally unveiled a video showing his upcoming home at a certain Nairobi suburb as seen on his IG story.

The Bazu hitmaker shared this just a few weeks after releasing his first hit song that his seen him close a couple of deals in the music industry.

Although he did not caption the post with any message confirming that the bungalow belongs to him; the song in the background clearly explains that he has indeed been making silent moves.

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Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Anyway for a man his age, this is just the beginning of building up his home; but after his fall out with wifey, fans can’t help but wonder who he will settling with in future.

Failed marriage

Although Willis Raburu has always portrayed himself as a family man; his marriage to one Marya Prude unfortunately fell apart after they both welcomed a still baby. The fact that they had both -fully prepared for the baby seem to have affected their relationship in a negative way.

Willis Raburu’s bungalow

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So far fans continue to hope that they will both get over the fact that they lost one; and probably should try for another one instead of locking each other out of their lives.

However, grief is something that cannot be treated with medicine but time – and hopefully sooner or later, these two will too heal from the pain of losing a child.

Willis Raburu’s home
Raburu making money moves