Rosa Ree, AY, Country Boy, Xtatic and Jay Rox team up with Weusi on ‘Wapoloo Remix’ (Video)

Tanzanian Hip Hop group Weusi, which is made up of; Joh Makini, Bonta, G Nako, Lord Eyes and Nikki Wa Pili, has dropped the remix of their Wapoloo mega hit and we are really feeling it.

The remix which features; AY, Jay Moe, Rosa Ree, Country Boy, Frida Amani, Jay Rox & Xtatic has been getting a lot of airplay on both radio and TV stations since it came out a few days ago.

If you thought the original version of Wapoloo was totally dope then you’ve not seen/heard anything yet because the remix is impeccable. I have listened to this a couple of times since it came out and I am yet to get bored with it.


One of the artists who had a tight verse on the remix is of course AY. Yo! This chap had a mad flow and you just want listen to him as he does his thing. Of course, I was not anything expecting anything less.

Notably, I was also impressed by Jay Rox who hails from Zambia. The first time I heard of him was when he featured The Kansoul in Distance and I’ve been a huge fan of his since then.

When it comes to the lasses, I think they all nailed it but if I had to choose two who carried the day, then I’ll settle on Frida Amani and Rosa Ree not for any other reason but because they both have a good flow.

I like the fact that the beat is subtle because it makes you follow the artists’ punchlines and rhymes. The producer did a good job.

Listen to Wapoloo Remix below and tell us what you think.

Rapper Xtatic’s sad message after losing close friend

Kenyan Rapper Xtatic has taken to social media to mourn her close friend who has just passed away.

The rapper shared a sad post revisiting their last meeting before her friend, whom she identified as Dan, passed on. She also asked Kenyans to contribute for him to help give him a proper send-off.


“Damn. Words cannot express how I’m feeling right now after learning that Dan is no longer with us. Gutted. Shit just hit me hard. One thing about him was he always reached out to me and checked up on me if he could and if we had stayed a while without speaking. ALWAYS. And last Saturday was the last time he hit me up and the last message was #XtaticIsBack. I replied and didn’t hear from him which was not the usual way our conversations end. Maaaan, one time for Dan. A real one in every way. And everyone I know felt the very same about him. There is a fundraising for his funeral if you would like to help contribute. Paybill: 924327 Account name: Your name”

Xtatic’s Husband Mushking hospitalized With Rare Nerve Disorder

TV producer and music video director King “Mushking” Muriuki has been hospitalized after being diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome.

Mushking, who has married rapper Gloria Mecheo alias Xtatic and is know for such works as ‘XYZ’ (an animation director) and other several TV shows from Buni TV, has been sick for almost a week now according to his wife as doctors continue to figure out how they can help him fight the nerve disease.

Characterized by abnormal muscle coordination, paralysis of the eye muscles, and absence of the tendon reflexes, Miller Fisher Syndrome is a very rare disease that takes at least 6 months to recover from.

“Hey good people, Thank you for all the DMs and well wishes for King.  Some of you have obviously been asking what MFS or Miller Fisher Syndrome is. First of all, for those who don’t know, King has been in hospital for the past week. It all started by him waking up and having blurry vision and noticed loss of balance as well, which progressed to difficulty in breathing, slurry speech, and a bit of feeling like his face was numb.” Xtatic said on social media.

In hospital

He was seen by a couple of specialists. A lot of tests were run. And in the end, a team of neurologists diagnosed him with Miller Fisher Syndrome, which is a rare variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which is an auto immune reaction where the body’s immune system produces antibodies to destroy infectious agent’s but the antibodies produced also cross-react with normal cell structures and attack them as well, demylinating the nerves.”

Xtatic shared that Mushking has been in hospital for the past week and he is being closely monitored in the High-Dependency Unit(HDU).

“So currently, he is still in hospital, closely being monitored, especially because of the difficulty in breathing at times. And for those texting and calling, he can’t read the texts because he still can’t see. But can hear. And also he can’t move without assistance. And he is in HDU and they’ve not allowed any phone, hence can’t pick any calls as of the moment. And probably won’t be available for some time. Thank you for your well wishes. Have a great week ahead.”

It’s a boy! Rapper Xtatic and hubby welcome baby number 2!

After rapper Xtatic signed to renowned music label, Sony Music Entertainment in South Africa, the lady has taken her time in terms of dropping singles.

She however made headlines a while back after her controversial posts about religion and why she was expelled from high school.

Baby Kal-El

Xtatic welcomes new baby

Also read: “I was expelled from high school for conducting lesbian activities” Female rapper Xtatic opens up

Away from that, Xtatic is now another of two. Together with her fiancé/boyfriend Mushking, the two welcomed a bouncing baby boy. From their posts on Social media, the little boy goes by the name of Kal-El.

Xtatic wrote saying;

While her baby daddy added;

Congratulations to the couple!

“I was expelled from high school for conducting lesbian activities” Female rapper Xtatic opens up

Popular female rapper Gloria Mecheo famously known as Xtatic has opened up about her encounter with lesbian schoolmates and how she was expelled from school for conducting lesbian activity.

In a long post on social media, Xtatic revealed that openly lesbian students were hitting on her in high school. She explained that she did her best to avoid being lured into homosexuality.

Xtatic however says that she regrets ‘not doing it’ with the lesbian chicks, this after she was expelled from school for conducting lesbian activities yet she didn’t indulge in lesbianism.

“Oh yeah, so my dad was there with me and the board, and when they brought out the lesbian claims I actually blurted out, “Oh, now, I really wish I could have done something all those girls who were really into me but avoided them … because rule,” Xtatic wrote in part.

The famous rapper also narrated how a hot lesbian chick would walk around the dorm naked and would sometimes oil herself beside her bed intentionally.

Read Xtatic full revelation below:

I remember after being expelled from my second high school for ‘apparently conducting lesbian activities’ which was actually a back up plan by the board because I used to act “Boyish” they said, also because I could not confess to having any hand to some strike … By that you can definitely see that they really wanted me out of the school.

Oh yeah, so my dad was there with me and the board, and when they brought out the lesbian claims I actually blurted out, “Oh, now, I really wish I could have done something all those girls who were really into me but avoided them … because rules”.

Like have you ever imagined being punished for stealing and eating chocolate you never did but now wished you did if all they can do is say that you did with no evidence.

You know, at that instance I was thinking about this one girl ? who had a really nice body and would walk around the dorm naked and sh*t and would sometimes oil herself beside my bed … intentionally. Turned even the straight girls on who were in denial and sh*t and trying to act like they don’t stare.

One day, I had a panic attack turned hysteric and all, and she remained back in the dorm to look after a sister and she took a bath and came to give me stories naked while she oiled herself, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, do I remember wtf she was talking about? NOPE … and the fact that nothing happened, just made me snap out of that memory and I stormed out on the board angry as hell. I’m sure my dad must have been like, ” Look at this b*tch, It’s my place to do that” but I guess he was just confused what my anger was all about.

I was SO angry that that night he tried to come at me with, “Sweety …” which is my pet name, “LESBIAN?” And I was like, “Dad, you of all people shouldn’t even be complaining when you are ALWAYS tell me to stay away from boys” …

UMH… let’s just say it didn’t go well after that. Anger shouldn’t have spoken for me, that’s all.? Although, nothing dramatic happen. My dad never could speak that much sober let alone do much, so he went out to get a couple of drinks, came back and had those 6-hour rants where he would go off topic and doze off while at it.

But I could still draw out her body to this day. ???