Read: Zari Hassan believes King Bae is Heaven sent in her long revealing post

Zari Hassan,a mother of 5, and now closing in on her 30´s admits her weakness in always trying to make her man better but believes this particular one is Heaven sent.

According to the Ugandan business woman, she does build her ´men´, doubling or tripling blessings they reap from their relationship.

However, Zari Hassan´s Papichullo exudes humility that took the better of her, now approaching life from a different dimension.

She feels extremely Blessed by King Bae´s gesture, to have thought of her as the sexiest woman on earth, a mother of 5, and 38 years.

The beauty however clarifies that she has seen better and bigger, it is not the material items that she gets spoilt with, rather, the inevitable, nature´s gifts.

Mr M´s heart, his whole being, how he makes Zari and her kids feel, that is what she feels overwhelmed with and thankful to have her Papichullo in her life.

She finally concludes her post expressing the courage the young lad exudes and referes to him as ¨Heaven sent.¨


Fans actually do applaud the beauty for her courage to pen down this revealing post and wish her nothing short of blessings, a beautiful married life and blessings of kids.

Wooooow am speechless and will keep our prayers up babe God is Able ????????????????????????????


I am crying after reading this msg, my Queen you deserve that love Mr M. Giving it to you. You have boys in the house the need a man who can tell and explain more things you can’t tell. They need dad figure around them. So don’t explain much to us. Especially me I will support you on this Instagram. My Queen be blessed enjoy your new life ????????????

To all her naysayers:

Happy for u! The haters are in kamoli listening to Tetema ????

Some even envy her:
See the figure….. Me have no kid but look like ritah kaggwa’s ????…… Meaning I have no shape????????envy you maama tee……love you Mr. M
This is exactly why God will always bless you child!!!! Your heart has always been and always will be pure. You’re human like the rest of us, you fall, you get up, dust yourself off and say yeah I fell and then you stand up tall. I’m so happy seeing you happy baby girl, you deserve it! ❤️