Baby mama accounting: Tanasha Donna and her Diamond Platnumz dependency

Tanasha Donna was recently in the headlines after a heavily tattooed media personality, Dana De Grazia put her on blast for not paying her makeup artist friend the fifteen thousand shillings owed to her. This first played out on an Eric Omondi video that featured Dana proverbially flashing Tanasha Donna down the toilet.

De Grazia Reveals Tanasha Donna Has Finally Paid Her Debt (Screenshots)

When that happened, two things happened almost simultaneously; the fist was Eric Omondi promptly pulling down that video. We can only speculate at whose behest. The second was that Dana got called out by Tanasha Donna’s fans who accused her of clout chasing.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna didn’t pay her makeup artist

It was a hilarious thing to witness as the fans tore at Dana on Ms Donna’s behalf, without directly referencing the failure to pay up the bill. This is equally baffling when you remember that Tanasha had claimed to have bought the house she lives in -money shouldn’t have been an issue.

‘Mom guilt’ leaves Tanasha Donna pouring out her heart to son, Naseeb Junior

And yet fifteen thousand shillings was a problem to cough up. Anyway, if anything, I am of the opinion that this is because she quit her job at NRG Radio and is still unemployed, doesn’t have the money to maintain her lifestyle and has to rely on Diamond Platnumz for that part.

Dana Da grazia
Tanasha Donna was accused by Dana of not paying her friend

Tanasha Donna is part of the baby daddy economy.

And because of this, managing what she gets for their love-child is not something she is fully conversant with. And when you compound this fact to the fact that she isn’t exactly an active and prolific star on her own merit and you begin to see why this is an issue. Think about it, when was the last time you heard she was appearing on a show or even headlining it?

No one should blame Tanasha Donna for trying to get back with Diamond Platnumz

And maybe this is beyond her but it is also a failure on the part of her clique if they do not attempt to set her straight and tell her to get her issues in order. You cannot continue to build the brand of a high flying and powerful go-getter woman and have such petty issues keep creeping up on her.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna


Also, given that I have heard whispers that over in TZ Diamond is having issues with the taxman, she would be best advised to begin to take accounting classes or at least some personal finance tutorials on YouTube should be an activity she looks into.

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