The big chop! Terryanne Chebet now rocking the bald look (Photo)

There is always a reason behind a woman choosing to change their hair do; it’s either to make a statement, change appearance or just experimenting. However when one chooses the bald look, this leaves you wondering why she opted for such a bold hairdo.

Anyway with women trying to keep up with the new dreadlocks look, Media personality Terryanne Chebet on the other hand opted for a big chop. Yes, she shaved her hair off and from her caption Terryanne Chebet has no regrets.

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Flaunting the new look through her Instagram page, the mother of two wrote;

Done did it. ✂️✂️
Hope your Saturday is all you’d like it to be. 🌟🌟🌟

Fans react

Being a celebrity, of course this new look was going to attract different reactions from fans and to our surprise non of them actually threw shade.

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Actually, most applauded her for showing off a side most women tend to hide with their expensive wigs; and come to think of it – she just aged down with the new hair do.

I am not one who fancies bald looks on women but damn, Chebet definitely came through with this style!


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