The reason for Citizen TV’s Yvonne Okwara’s #1 trend

Image: Senior news anchor and editor, Yvonne Okwara

Renowned media personality Yvonne Okwara has been making waves on App X, formerly known as Twitter, following her Tuesday Night Interview with Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Okwara captured attention as social media users lauded her interviewing prowess, particularly her adept handling of what many referred to as ‘tough questions.’

In the interview’s opening moments, Okwara wasted no time in pressing Governor Sakaja about his recent absences from the Senate sessions after being summoned.

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Yvonne Okwara: Governor, it’s a pleasure to have you here… Where have you been? It seems like everyone’s been searching for you, but you’ve been elusive. What’s been keeping you busy?

Governor Sakaja: I’ve been around the city.

Yvonne Okwara: And beyond, it seems.

Governor Sakaja: No, no, just a brief 7-day trip. But I’m back now.

Yvonne Okwara: The Senate has been trying to reach you without success, and professional associations claim they can’t find you. How do you respond to these allegations?

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Governor Sakaja: That’s not accurate; the Senate was informed about my trip last week. It was a routine 5-day journey, and professional associations know where to find me at City Hall. I’m always available for meetings.

The interview delved into various issues affecting Nairobi City, including the Governor’s non-compliance with Senate summons.

Yvonne Okwara currently serves as a senior news anchor and Business Editor at Citizen TV. She is also a panelist on News Gang, airing on Thursdays, and hosts her prime-time bulletin, Tonight With Yvonne Okwara.

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