Tough Times! Tedd Josiah Explains The Hardships Of Single Parenting During The Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has made most people broke and uncertain about their next move. Most businesses have shut down, some people have been furloughed while others have completely lost their jobs. The recent COVID-19 wave has hit hard. One minute you are talking to your relative, the next, they’re gone.

Being a single parent in such a time is one of the hardest things, especially if your partner died and you decided to take care of the kid(s) alone. What if you die? Who will take care of them? This might be one of Tedd Josiah’s fear. The music producer and entrepreneur started single parenting when his kid was just 3 months old. Tedd’s wife Reginah passed on after a short illness. Josiah made the decision to take care of the child all by himself. But the pandemic is what he fears.

Tough Times For Tedd

Tedd Josiah and Wendo-IG

On his gram, Tedd Josiah wrote;

”For a single parent this pandemic is double scary. If u fall ill, will u make it thru? What happens to u and ur children when ur not working because u are unwell? There are so many questions to be asked. Frankly for me as a sole provider for my child these are scary times with very little being certain……”

The most challenging part for Josiah will be how to tell his daughter that her mum passed on. She’s still young to know about death. On the bright side, Josiah is both a good mom and dad to Wendo.

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