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Video of Shakilla’s marriage proposal to Eric Omondi sparks controversy

November 25, 2020 at 11:59
Video of Shakilla’s marriage proposal to Eric Omondi sparks controversy

Comedian Eric Omondi’s call for wife applications seems to be bearing him fruit after tens of ladies came out in a bid to fill the vacant position including 19-year old Shakilla.

The top comedian’s quest in search for an ideal wife started off early in the week, admitting that as he continues to age gracefully, he has everything apart from a wife.

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All that ladies needed to do was share videos of themselves regards the application then Kenyans can decided who best suits the top comic.

Interestingly, upcoming socialite Shakilla tried her luck as well. However, in different fashion.

Shakilla’s application

In a 2-minute video showing her prowess in the Queen’s language, the campus girl reveals she came across the application doing the rounds and wonders why Eric did not even call her first before the announcement.

Eric Omondi

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Believing she would make a good wife from day one.

But clarified she is not in the business of wife duties like cooking and cleaning, because she comes in as an entrepreneur and with a package of good vibes.

Showing off her alleged cowshed at the rear of the house, clarifying to Eric that inclusive of her dowry payments are a number of cows to top up what she already has.


Shakilla does get pretty sarcastic towards the end, flaunting her skills and expertise in being an ideal wife for the comedian.

A video of her that has attracted massive attention online, some feeling sorry for the girl, others not sure she befits Eric’s profile as some actually gave her the go-ahead.

Have a listen;


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