What Vera Sidika needs to do to salvage her music career

Whether or not you agree Vera Sidika Shikwekwe’s music career is in the crapper as she puts out music that isn’t consistently of good quality a good sounding and the fan dislike it they often seem to be falling over themselves to hit the dislike button however I have some ideas of how she can not only salvage her music career but become a bonafide music star.


The first thing Cera Sidika needs to understand is that two Kenyans she will only ever be a socialite and everything that comes with that we saw her rise to fame and so has candles one of which included her being accused of being a high-end call girl.

What this means is that all the publicity stunt she does to try and generate clout for her upcoming projects and songs are bound to backfire. She has nothing new to offer in that department so perhaps what she’s really needs to do is double down and focus solely on music.


We have all seem inland from nigerian that whether or not she is talented is neither here nor there what she really needs it to have the talent to build a great team around her what she needs is a talented sound engineer and produces people who can make a seem like she was blessed with the voice of angels every time he stepped in the booth.

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Vera Sidika also needs to let go of her ego and understand that she needs to take direction from the profession professionals whenever and however it is given to have that is the only way you can step into the booth sounding like she does is currently and they make a sound like after that they usually to take for someone who believe she is self made although Yommy Jones would add you as well.


That’s literally all she needs and this method get tried and proven clearly in Nigeria, we’ve seen it play out in South Africa and in Tanzania.

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It will doubtless take a lot of money and Investment however she claims to have that money so why not put it to good use?

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