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Why Hamisa Mobetto cosying up to Naija businessman is a big deal

June 20, 2020 at 13:03
Why Hamisa Mobetto cosying up to Naija businessman is a big deal

Hamisa Mobetto is said to be dating a Naija tycoon and it has caused quite the stir south of the Kenyan border. You see, ever since she and Diamond Platnumz decided to go their separate ways, she has had a string of useless relationships.

Hamisa Mobetto spotted getting cosy with Nigerian tycoon, raises speculations

And the reason that is the adjective I have elected to use is that if a relationship doesn’t lead to anything serious, then it was useless. And Hamisa Mobetto has had more than her fair share.

hamisa mobetto

At some point, she even pulled a Zari Hassan: She alleged she was engaged to be married and her fans celebrated her, waiting for her impending nuptials but she just went cold on the whole affair. According to Tanzanian tabloids, she was involved in an affair with a married man whom she was attempting to pressure into making an honest woman of her.

Alikiba comes cleans about his alleged affair with Hamisa Mobetto

Whatever the case may be, she was completely convincing but she has since moved on and found herself in the arms of a Naija tycoon. And Tanzanians are going crazy because they recognize that this might just be the guy to make her move on from Diamond Platnumz. You see, he has been an everlasting stench on her psyche. He was the ultimate alpha in her life. He has the money, status and the bad boy appeal. But now, she might just have a Mr Moneybags and we all know how alpha Naija men are.

Hamisa Mobetto

And if this relationship doesn’t fizzle out, we are going to be treated to quite the tabloid legend. can you imagine Hamisa Mobetto inviting Diamond Platnumz for their son’s birthday and him having to chill next to a man who is now both Hamisa and their son’s daddy? That would be quite the interesting blended family don’t you think? The child calling out for his daddy and both of them responding. Or worse still, Hamisa calling out for daddy to come and help her bring the cake to the living room and they both stand up…

Hamisa Mobetto is a definition of what co-parenting should look like

This would be a remarkable step up for her given she is a single mother who would have managed to land herself a high-networth man. And this would even see Hamisa Mobetto having won in her long-running feud with Zari.

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