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Why Makena Njeri has so much success with women

November 10, 2021 at 21:00
Why Makena Njeri has so much success with women

Makena Njeri is a true testament to something one of my mentors says; most women have been with more women than most men. Let that sink in. Incase it is beyond you (maybe because you’re a knuckle dragging troglodyte) what I am trying to communicate is the fact that most women have gotten to enjoy intimacy with other women more than most Kenyan men have.

Michelle Ntalami finally reveals why she parted ways with girlfriend, Makena Njeri

She has recently been in the media’s limelight because her alleged ex (funny word, alleged) Michelle Ntalami outed her as an unfaithful partner. What was interesting is the fact that the genius influencer knew her partner’s history but chose to ignore it -because clown world.

Michelle Ntalami

Makena Njeri however, is completely unbothered and has already moved on and is now reportedly even in a new relationship. She has moved on like the best of the players. Actually, even my mentor is in awe at how effortlessly she has played her hand like a pro. She genuinely does understand the intricacies of game and seduction.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

At this point I need everyone to pay attention to what we are about to discuss. Why? Because you are about to learn game from one of the best lesbians to play their hand.

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

Makena Njeri understands that women are equally visually stimulated as men are. That is why she grooms impeccably. She is always dressed to the nines and I have no doubt she smells like a bag of money. Kenyan men need to learn from this. No woman wants to walk around with someone who is dressed like a sack of manure. regardless of how much money you think you have, no woman wants to feel embarrassed walking with her partner. You do not necessarily need to wear something with gawdy labels but dress up well.

Makena Njeri, from all accounts, is a very charming lady. You as a man need to learn to talk to people. If that means learning public speaking or learning how to brush up on your social graces, you must learn how to be charming. This also includes learning social cues. You have to learn to know when someone is open to talking and when someone is simply being polite: when someone is flirting vs when someone is merely into the topic of conversation.

Learn to go after what you like and want just as our champion lesbian does. Feel no shame announcing your interest in a lady. Wait, hold up, that only works if you have worked on yourself to be the best version of who you are. That means you dress well, have game and have been hitting the gym. If you’re a sloppy fatso, I don’t recommend you go this route unless you are a funny SOB.

Also, notice that Makena Njeri does not operate with any scarcity mentality. She is simply put, aware of the abundance of muff she can explore and she carries herself as such. She knows she can replace one attractive lady with another and is confident enough (after having enjoyed multiple women) to know that there will always be another.

Ultimately, her hidden ace is the fact that she offers the excitement of taboo. She represents a dalliance and affair that is exciting because in our Kenyan society, it is considered a “sin”. Every woman she has been with is excited to be involved in something clandestine. And while she has the advantage of the law being contrary to her proclivities, you can achieve the same level of excitement by being mysterious -or you can read that as learning how to shut the fizzak up!

Appreciate the player, hate the game.

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