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Why only fools thought Bensoul would be dumped by his girlfriend

March 07, 2022 at 12:01
Why only fools thought Bensoul would be dumped by his girlfriend

Bensoul was caught up in a rather intriguing sexual scandal that has rocked not just his relationship but the entire entertainment industry to its core. He is one of those innocent-looking young men who sing about the nature of relationships in Nairobi that surprised many when it turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy in their life.

“Do the math!” Bensoul’s 22 year old baby mama denies their unborn baby is a result of a one night stand

So he cheated on his girlfriend, Noni Gathoni, and when that happened, it resulted in a pregnancy that his paramour is looking to carry to term. To his credit, the crooner has stated that they intend to stick around and help raise the resulting child.

Bensoul with Noni

However, his paramour has decided to use their tryst to drum up fame and notoriety for themselves. She decided to host an open QnA session on her social media page that served as a tell-all that she used to dish out facts and details about her fling with Bensoul and you are wondering why I suggested he should learn how to strap up here:

5 lessons we learn from Bensoul impregnating his affair partner

However, it would seem a lot of people on social media were expecting Noni to kick Bensoul to the curb. Actually, to be fair, I can see why they thought that would be the outcome of their relationship -after all, he had cheated and was caught in the worst way possible; a reminder in the form of a human being who would be a nagging responsibility for 18+ years.

Bensoul with girlfriend

But they couldn’t be further from the truth. Noni and her man have no reason to break up because she has been shown the ultimate measure of hypergamy and the Sol Generation signee has passed it with flying colours: a woman chased after and got impregnated by him. let that set in, a woman who did not know him from her father’s anus decided that after one evening of fun, she would bring forth a baby for him -whether or not he wants to be the father of her child.

Love wins! Girlfriend celebrates Sol Generations Bensoul with special message as he turns a year older

There are men (and “fathers” of 5) who marry women and then still get cheated out of continuing their lineage by being cuckolded over and over again -all 5 times. Meanwhile, Bensould was busy getting his rocks off, simply looking for poon to spoon and release but he is being arm-twisted into becoming a father… Noni has just been shown that he is truly a valuable man! A high value one at that. She has the “it” guy and that makes hers the “it relationship” and they are now the new “it couple”.

Bensoul’s paramour, Tiffany Muikamba

And before you argue with me and start telling me that he is not of high value, you need to understand that society determines who is and what it means to be high value and his generation (Zoomers) have decided that being a celebrity who has ties to Sauti Sol and a quite a few musical hits under his belt is all it takes for him to sit upon his pedestal. And that random one night stand is not going to be the last one nor was she the first one he had stepped out of his relationship with.

‘Nairobi’ hitmaker Bensoul admits to cheating on girlfriend and impregnating ‘side chick’

However, in Bensoul’s woman’s mind, he has been stamped as the best possible man she can probably get. She would be mad to let go of her gem. I mean, sure he cheats but that is because he can. And the women want to run after the man that every guy wants to be. For now, he is it.

Bensoul’s girlfriend Noni Gathoni

Then there is the fact that women are more than willing to share a top tier man than they are to have a faithful man who is useless in their eyes. She would rather have someone who elevates her status in society than have someone who she has wrapped around her fingers. Don’t believe me? Then that is because you’re the schmuck that your woman settled for. She couldn’t get Wafula Thundercock (as my mentor likes to refer to them) so she settled for you, the safe, boring guy who pisses her off for simply waking up next to her in the morning.

Bensoul is better than most 24-year-old men. He is in the top 10 per cent of the highest calibre men of that age group easy! And in fact, I would go on to say he is in the top 1% of 20-25-year-olds. Of course, she would stay with him and go on to have a lovely relationship. I still don’t think he should be dating Noni anyway but now that we are here, he is not going to let her go.

Time will tell whether I am wrong about this but Noni and Bensoul will continue dating but their relationship is about to become crappy because she is going to try to get him accustomed to her yanking his chains and making him jump over hoops to prove his loyalty and love and I see him failing those tests and that will cement the crap he has to deal with it… Time will tell. But that is a story for another day.

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