Why we need to pay attention to Maureen Waititu’s offer of help to Diana Marua

I know we all noticed Maureen Waititu rather publicly offer to help Diana Marua find great movers and a house to move out to while she and her husband Bahati were running the gambit of breaking up and moving on to separate lives.

Unbelievable! Never seen before photo of young Maureen Waititu before the fame and money!

We all saw the comment she left for Diana Marua’s post and were rather intrigued by it to the point of causing a few retorts and hilarious comments but most people missed the most important aspect of what she did.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu at the coveted Couture Africa Awards 2020

To the unassuming and untrained eye, Maureen Waititu was merely offering a woman in need some much-needed help but we haven’t seen the pair speak publicly nor have we been given any reason to suspect that they are friends. Instead, what we have is proof that the two are simply women who communicate online. So it was a peculiar sight to see indeed.

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But it was relevant because it spoke to just how much healing she is yet to do. You see, there are a lot of “pro-women advocates” and card-carrying members of the “Ms Independent League” but none of them offered help. It was only Maureen Waititu who seems to have a bone to pick with the concept of love itself and is more than happy to swoop on and help extricate a woman from her unhappy situation where the love has ended.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu giving Corazon Kwamboka a hard time?

It is rather sad because when we look at Maureen Waititu’s statements, we would be expected to buy the narrative that she is very happy and content with her new single life but when we delve deeper and especially check out the messages she sent to her ex, Frankie Just Gym It, she is actually unhappy and angry and misery loves company. Yes, mystery loves company enough for it to swoop in to help separate a couple (this is a cheap dig because let’s face it, Bahati and Diana Marua are assholes for playing the games they play).

Corazon Kwamboka accuses Maureen Waititu of stalking and insulting her newborn son (source IG)

Anyway, rather than jump into her DMs, Maureen Waititu was rather quick to let us know about her disdain for relationships and love. You see, help could have been offered in a myriad of ways. Offering to call Diana Marua is probably what I would have done because I am a well-adjusted individual. But if I were just interested in helping, I would have jumped in the DMs. That way, the situation remains private and my involvement remains just that.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

I am reminded of something Jesus Christ said, “Let not the left hand know what the right hand has put in”. And while we could sit here and debate all day long about the reasons for any of Maureen Waititu’s reasons were, one thing stands solid and that is the huge question mark over her motives still stands.

Kenyan men, if your girlfriend supports Maureen Waititu, dump her immediately!

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