Wild uproar after Shakilla makes raunchy public appearance during Tory Lanez InstaLive

Image: Wild uproar after Shakilla makes raunchy public appearance during Tory Lanez InstaLive

Shakilla has been warned a third time after making a public appearance, during the infamous ‘Quarantine Radio’ by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, with her clothes off.

The upcoming socialite whose rise to fame might have come in too quick for her to figure out how to deal with it, has become the talk of town for not so-good mannerisms.

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Shakillas ill behavior during Tory Lanez InstaLive

Barely 19 years of age, the Riara University student made an appearance before an audience of at least 5,000 people. Excitedly having a one-on-one convo with the  28-year old rapper.

Before everything took a different turn.

Shakilla ill-behavior during Tory Lanez InstaLive

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So Lanez asks Shakilla if she is ready to get down and the lass sure wastes no more time.

The right music is turned on and the Kenyan babe, wearing a short dress publicly goes all in to twerk. Before letting out all her assets to more than 5k people watching globally.

Shakilla’s Halloween look

The American rapper immediately goes wild and cannot help but drool over what is right before his eyes. Teeth out and seemingly vexed that he cannot have what he sees.

Meanwhile, Shakilla gives her all, proudly looking into the camera and Lanez is heard shouting in the background “bring it to the owner!”

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez

Shakilla thereafter gets back on her two feet and dresses up but the image she has left behind has left Kenyans with a bitter taste in the mouths.

Netizens brutally called out the lass for her indecency and hunger for fame and money which might soon be the cause of her downfall.

Some tried defending that she is actually raking some good money out of this, but they clearly met their match.

Shakilla upgrading

Majority shocked beyond words that the clearly misguided Shakilla is wasting away her life, in some of the most uncouth behaviors.

“Where are her parents/guardians?” is a question yet to be answered. Many feeling sorry for such a promising, beautiful young girl who is unfortunately giving away her morals in place of a good future.

Well, there you have it!

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