‘I will marry Wizkid but not any other Nigerian” Huddah Monroe opens up about her hatred for West African men

Huddah Monroe has travelled to Nigeria countless times to have a good time with Naija boys but apparently the petite socialite has a deep-seated aversion towards West African men.

Most women wouldn’t think twice when the lovey dovey Nigerian men propose to them, but not Huddah Monroe. She can’t stomach Nigerian men.

The pretty socialite maintains that she has no buzz for West African men despite the fact that she has been seen countless times having a nice time with Naija men.

Huddah Monroe

Huddah’s apprehension of Nigerian men has been fueled by stories of Naija men being violent in nature and the fact that they also can’t resist polygamy.

“Everyone has their preferences and for me, I don’t ever want to get married. And if I do, may God forbid, not to a Naija man. These domestic violence stories and their polygamous ways is a NO to me,” Huddah Monroe wrote on Snapchat.

But Huddah doesn’t hate everything Nigerian, the socialite still has time for Nigerian food and for ‘Ojuelegba’ hit maker.

Wizkid is the only Nigerian man who is immune to Huddah’s detestation of West African men, the socialite said that she won’t mind marrying the ‘Daddy Yo’ hit maker despite of her Nigerian roots.

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