Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

Willy Paul has allegedly resulted to seeking help from the DCI offices following rape attempt allegations made against him by Diana Marua and other young ladies claiming he either raped them or attempted to.

This being a sensitive case since it involved sexual assault, many prefer to watch how the story from the sidelines; to avoid complicating things for both the accused and the alleged victims.

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Diana Marua and Pozee

Anyway after losing his Ksh 10 million deal, a close friend of Willy Paul has come out to reveal; that the guy has now involved the DCI in the matter after realizing he was losing the battle online. Speaking to Edgar, the close source said;

Mumefanya Willy Paul aende dci the investigation starts tomorrow specific on Diana’s case.

Making moves on the low

Well since most of the celebrities have chosen to maintain their silence on alleged rape attempt case; Pozee’s only solution was to involve directorate of criminal investigations – as he hopes to find help.

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The close source went on to add that the information was private but having seen the number of women accusing Pozee on Obare’s page; he (source) then felt the need to give the blogger a heads up on the matter.

Ni siri tu nimekuibia but the case is already reported.

Pozee’s smart idea to run to the DCI comes close to two months after the The directorate of criminal investigations urged members of the public to take caution while reporting rape cases.

The DCI office went on to add that rape is a serious offence under the sexual offenses act; that attracts a heavy penalty of up-to life imprisonment.

Now let’s watch the two dance in court before the truth is revealed.

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