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Alarm after former Tusker Project Fame star is spotted languishing in poverty on the streets of Nairobi (Photos)

November 17, 2020 at 11:42
Alarm after former Tusker Project Fame star is spotted languishing in poverty on the streets of Nairobi (Photos)

It is a sad state of affairs after a former Tusker Project Fame star was spotted living on the empty, cold streets of Nairobi, with nothing much to show of his fame.

Allow me to take you back in time to around 2009 when one David Major Ogola aka D Major released his album A Love Story following his major win at TPF.

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Later rumored to have gone back to school to complete his degree.

He was later scheduled to perform at different concerts and festivals with different organizers and not much of him was heard after that.

D Major born David Ogola

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His current state

More than a decade later, his name rings a bell among Kenyans after photos of him, looking deserted and in an unkempt state, surfaced online.

D Major now living on the streets

An individual whose profile reads; a Director at Major Universe Ltd and at the time, doing audio post production for Lions Den Season 3.

But what became of him is the big question no one has an answer to. A poor state of the former music star that has raised concern among netizens, questioning the infamous TPF judge Ian.

Sources further indicate that the artist is one individual who is occasionally spotted along Mirema drive, in Thika.

“The smart judge Ian should tell us what he thinks about his students. Why are they mostly drug addicts and zombies?” Kenyans ask.

“Ian Mbugua has really smart theories on how to contain COVID-19 and defeat BBI. Please show us one successful TPF contestant. Tell us bro,” blogger Robert Alai hit back at the judge.

A state of affairs that has left a dark cloud hovering above and a harsh reality among netizens who wonder what more was in store for these contestants?

The question remains; “Just what did not go right?”

Here are more photos of the former TPF star:

Former TPF contestant, David Major

David Ogola

D Major




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