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Ben Pol features Timaya in new jam ‘Sana’

August 03, 2019 at 14:42
Ben Pol features Timaya in Sana

Ben has a new jam dubbed Sana. In this jam he has featured Timaya. The Tanzanian musician is back with a very great jam. Sana is a love song that talks of how everything he does he does it for the woman. You know how love makes one stupid.

Him collaborating with Timaya has added a new feel and vibe to the song. I’d gladly say that the jam is smooth and worth ones energy to listen. It has been presented in a way that you’ll feel the love flowing.

Ben Pol and Timaya do not disappoint with the lyrics even after his long break. This guy still has a way of making his fans love him. This song  is truly a masterpiece.

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Ben Pol in his new jam features Timaya

Relevance of ‘Sana’ as a title

This stanza expresses the theme of love so well; All these things when I do for you Well I know under nobody work In my heart just no one but you Oooh my girl you’re my beiby girl.

The beauty does not stop there, the song goes on and on and further into Sana, the chorus talks of his satisfaction with the girl. Nimeridhika(Sana) Unachonipa(Sana) Nimefika(Sana) Sina mwingine. This is where the title of the song is also heard a lot. The word Sana means a lot in Swahili.


Also, sound is something that we all value. You realize that when the audio and the beats are well done, the song will easily flow. The audio mixing is at per no competition at all. Ben Pol needs to give us more of his work. I just can’t wait to see the video.

In conclusion, Ben Pol and Timaya should gives us another collaboration and change the subject. They are a great duo and consistence will keep them at per with other Tanzania artists. The song gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to Sana audio.






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