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Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari have teamed up with Red Acapella on ‘Deal Na Doh’ and it’s fire(Video)

September 24, 2019 at 17:52
Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari; they are back with deal na doh

Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari are back with a new jam alongside talented urban folk duo Red Acapella and we are really feeling it.

The song titled Deal Na Doh talks about how people grind hard so that they can meet their daily needs and generally live a good life.

The song also rebukes friends who only want tot associate with you when you are doing well but avoid you when you run into financial difficulties.

Red Acapella

Red Acapella

As expected, both Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari really nailed it with their lit verses in this jam. However, I must admit that the former outshone the latter. He took me back to the days of Wezere and Kamoja Tu. No kidding.

His verse goes like, “Life inakimbia ka motor, walahi ni kama naota, saa hii nina ka daughter, bado ananyonya kisha kukaokota, jina nimemwita ni India Adhiambo, saa hii sitaki diambo, sinanga mambo nimepunguza vela nimewacha kutindi, nasiaga more mahindi, sifanyi kwa muhindi, naskip tu vipindi, glory to God sheito hashindi, siku hizi siendi hata out ma wikendi, biz za ufala siku hizi sipendi, kaa si doh jo full stop ending.”

Red Acapella, a group that comprieses of Stephen Oduor alias Maga The Good Fella and Alfred Nthale alais Yabadoo The Other Fella also came through with a beautiful hook on this jam. It makes you want to listen to the song a couple of times and that’s not a bad thing.

This jam was produced by Fredrick Wanjira alias Dillie and in my opinion he did a great job. In as much as the beat would not really make you turn up like you are mad in a club, it still has a good feeling. Props to him!

Listen to Deal Na Doh below and tell us what you think.





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