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Citizen presenter Syombua Mwele sends a humble plea to Cyprian Nyakundi after the attack on Emmy Kosgei

January 08, 2018 at 10:25
Citizen presenter Syombua Mwele sends a humble plea to Cyprian Nyakundi after the attack on Emmy Kosgei

Cyprian Nyakundi came up with an explanation why Emmy Kosgei fell in love with an old Nigerian apostle and many people found it totally offensive.

The blogger is perplexed why any woman would fall for a Nigerian man. He claims that Naija men are born liars and conmen by nature.

“In a world full of eligible men, it is baffling to see one of the country’s “top” Gospel artists fly all the way to fuckin Nigeria in search of a man. Despite all the glitz and glamour in their entertainment scene, Nigeria is a fucked-up country.

“Nigeria has perennial power and fuel shortages, despite being an oil-producer. Because they’re unable to to pursue for accountability from their politicians, their country looks like one big dumpsite.

“Nigerians are also conmen. Any Nigerian you meet will most likely lie to you. It’s wired in their genes. They’re liars and conmen. So it’s quite baffling to see that our best, is dumb enough to fall for cheap AfroSinema theatrics,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi in part.

Daddy issues

Emmy Kosgei with her husband apostle Anselm Madubuko

Cyprian Nyakundi further claims that Emmy Kosgei suffers from daddy issues. He explains that women who fall for old men try to compensate for their dad’s absence in their lives by falling in love with old men.

“Daddy Issues are unresolved complexes which women have from a childhood of inadequate relationships with their fathers. Either the fathers were absent, or if they were present, they were too busy for them.

“The women who had insufficient male presence during their upbringing, tends to go and look for it in her older age. Which is why they find themselves getting attracted to older (most times married) men. They’re normally looking for their fathers in those illicit relationships.

“Many were molested or taken advantage of in their later teen years by the men close to them. Could be an uncle, or relative.

“All these chics you see pretending to be fashion bloggers, socialites, Gospel musicians and the likes, the ones who market their wares on Instagram in search of older married men, are suffering from an advanced strain of Daddy-issues. Because they’re still in denial.

“As a Boy-Child trying to survive in this conceited world, you’re advise to avoid women with Daddy-issues. They will constantly compare you to their former experiences with married Sponyo’s. They’re never content,” wrote Cyprian Nyakundi.

Stick to empowering the boy child

Syombua Mwele

Radio Citizen presenter Syombua Mwele Osiany is asking Nyakundi to stop bashing people’s marriages. The presenter, who is married to former Nairobi University student leader David Osiany, says attacking married people is attacking God Himself.

“I wish Nyakundi would stick to empowering the boy child as a big brother. Attacking people’s love lives and especially their marriages shows how much you’ve lacked good material to inspire the boy. Love is a very complex issue; the old are tired, the young are crying. Marriages are made in heaven and only God allows people to walk into someone’s life. Bashing people like Emmy, Kambua etc is bashing God Himself. God put these women in those men’s lives for a REASON. Avoid this my brother Nyakundi. Please avoid!” Wrote Syombua Mwele.






  1. She is looking for trouble,we all hv different opinions..

  2. Kipchumba Maritim : January 8, 2018 at 11:21 am

    Nyakundi is always right

  3. Nyakundi speaks only sense since 1900

  4. Watu wapashwe kabisa 2018 hakuna kukanyagia

  5. Boychild is now very wise and woke

  6. No one should dispute one, Cyprian Is Nyakundi. If the Lord Nyakundi says today is Sunday, please don’t argue and prepare to go to church.

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  8. what nyakundi has been saying over people’s marriage is now earning him curses.

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