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Diamond Platnumz younger sister accuses Harmonize of betraying WCB

October 16, 2019 at 16:23
Diamond Platnumz younger sister accuses Harmonize of betraying WCB

Queen Darleen feels that Harmonize is a traitor who betrayed Diamond Platnumz and the whole WCB team.

According to Queen Darleen singer Harmonize betrayed his boss who had helped him build a successful career when he was nothing.

This comes shortly after Harmonize announced his exit from the WCB label in September this year and went on to start his own label dubbed Konde Gang.

Queen Darleen speaks

Speaking to Tanzanian tabloid SnS, Darleen opened up saying she no longer wants anything to do with Harmonize and life should now move on.

Life still goes on. Let’s not talk about that person. Let’s leave him. When someone betrays you, you need to stay away from him. Right now, I don’t know anything about his life.

The lady also went on address rumors claiming that Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz faked their son’s birth date so that he shared a birthday with the WCB CEO.

Darleen went on to reveal that unlike Tanasha who gave birth at 10 months, Darleen apparently gave birth at 11 months.

“It is God who planned. She gave birth at 10 months, I personally gave birth to my child at 11 months. These things happen. If there was social media at the time, people would say I am bewitched,”





  1. Diamond Platnumz younger sister accuses Harmonize of betraying WCB – Kenyan Digest : October 16, 2019 at 4:30 pm

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  2. Diamond is the only artiste loyal to Wasafi since he owns it,Harmonize venturing out on his own is growth and he is also loyal to himself,as it should be,sometimes there’s no morality in business,if you decide to be moral about some aspects of business you will end up the loser.It was a business agreement between Wasafi and Harmonize,because if Harmonize didn’t generate money for the label then they would have released him long ago.So Wasafi should stop playing the victim here,it was always business,no need to try tarnishing Harmonize’s name and the hard feelings they allegedly have because Harmonize left the label

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