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“It’s time you joined school!” Diana Marua tells her 1 year old

June 25, 2019 at 10:40
“It’s time you joined school!” Diana Marua tells her 1 year old

Pregnant Diana Marua is one happy woman to have a smart baby. Just a few days ago the lady went on to praise her daughter on her Instagram page adding that it’s about time she joined school.

According to Diana Marua, she has always felt that her baby girl, Heaven Bahati is way smarter than kids her age.

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From the Instagram videos shared by Bahati and Marua we understand that their baby girl already feeds herself and is already mastering words.

Intelligent genes

With another baby on the way, Diana Marua could now be thinking of letting her baby girl start school soon now. Through her Instagram page the lady posted saying;

You’re too bright for your age Heav! It’s about time you go to school now😂🥰


Seeing how both parents have hustled up in the entertainment industry, it’s no surprise that their daughter got her smart behavior from them.

However, having Heav join school at 1 year could be like a punishment since she still has a long way to go!





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