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Jalang’o caught between Tanasha Donna and former best friend Chokuu’s drama!

June 15, 2020 at 14:35
Jalang'o caught between Tanasha Donna and former best friend Chokuu's drama!

Tanasha Donna and her former friend Chokuu; have not been in good terms – following unknown reasons as seen on social media. The two besties apparently no longer see eye and from the look of things; Chokuu seems quite hurt by this.

After ranting about this for a while now; Choku finally caught our attention… after accusing Jalang’o of interfering between his relationship with Tanasha Donna.

As seen on a post shared by Chokuu he went on to accuse Jalang’o of being behind – the reason why Miss Donna pulled down his video dancing to Sawa.

On the post shared on his instagram page, the guy who is said to belong to the LGBT community went on to say;

So Tanasha posted a video of me dancing to her song “sawa” then chietha “Jalang’o” told her to delete and sis deleted it! Awuoro!!


Tanasha and Chokuu

Chokuu who is proudly gay has been living in Germany for a while now; but her friendship with Tanasha Donna started about a year ago and since then the two became besties.

Apart from showering Donna with praises, Chokuu appeared to be the ultimate bff for Tanasha Donna. For some reason Chokuu also became a bodyguard defending Donna from online critics!

However, things between two continue getting worse as Chokuu feels that Tanasha used her and dumped her! Not quite sure how this drama will end especially now that Jalang’o has been dragged into the mess.

Mama Naseeb also known as Tanasha Donna

Donna and Jalas

Rumor has it that Tanasha has been getting advice from Jalang’o who hopes to invest in her as an artist; the same way he helped the likes of Otile Brown build themselves from the ground up!

We however can’t confirm this, but chances are that Jalas and Donna are working together after Diamond abandoned the lady after their breakup!






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