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Kenya is ripe for its very own MeToo movement

July 08, 2020 at 11:08
Kenya is ripe for its very own MeToo movement

Kenya seems to be just at the cusp of its very own MeToo movement if recent events unfolding withing the entertainment and specifically the comedic industry are anything to go by.

Kenyan comedians need to take responsibility for their wellbeing

You see, the comedic scene is still grappling with the very recent and very raw passing of a comedian called Kasee and this galvanized Kenya’s top comedians to begin to speak out about the suffering they endure at the hands of the people who manage talent and in effect are the gate-keepers.

kenyan comedian kasee

There are two names that have come up repeatedly over the past few days as the problem within the comedic space: Victor Ber and Avril’s baby daddy, Kenya’s very own Father Abraham, J Blessing. And this is the grassroots of Kenya’s MeToo movement.

Kenyan comedians should stay away from music!

You see, according to Kenyan comedians, these two go out of their way to frustrate them with regards to the Churchill Show. In Kenya, the comedic scene is rather nascent and the only avenue most comedians have convinced themselves that they need to get to in order to succeed is this one show.

the bane of kenyan comedians

Victor Ber accused of pushing comedians into depression

This in effect has put a crazy amount of power in the hands of the few individuals who make decisions regarding the show: decisions such as who will appear on the aired show which means money.

Kenyan online comedians and the significant role they have played during the pandemic

The MeToo that has formed seems to be aimed at exposing the two aforementioned individuals but perhaps we can help grow it. The time is right seeing as how the spirit of revolution is in the air. Kenyans could actually turn their movement into something that weeds out the worst of the individuals in power.

j blessing the bane of kenyan comedians

The Kenyan MeToo could progress beyond just focusing on individuals who practice sexual impropriety and also focus on people who also humiliate their charges. And that would do far more good.

Why Kenyan comedy doesn’t translate well outside Kenya

Ofcourse, having learnt from the Western MeToo movement, it wouldn’t be enough to have a name and shame approach as evidence would have to be proffered against the accused but this could actually help the entertainment industry at large to clean house and get rid of the parasites.


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