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Meet Papa Lando, the Rhumba icon often mistaken for Joe Muchiri over their slight resemblance

September 21, 2020 at 15:45
Meet Papa Lando, the Rhumba icon often mistaken for Joe Muchiri over their slight resemblance

Resemblance is not news but the itch comes in when two celebrities in their own capacities are confused to be the same person.

Popular Kenyan Rhumba artist, Papa Lando has fallen victim of this, being mistaken to be radio personality and Internet sensation, Joe Muchiri who has starred in several controversies.

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Joe Muchiri also stands as one of Kenyan ex-convict, Jowie Irungus close friends, something that has not painted a dear Papa Lando in such good light.

Jowie Irungu with pal, Joe Muchiri

Meet the real Papa Lando

Allow me to introduce you to the official Papa Lando, an artist known for his major collabos with the likes of P-Unit’s Gabu for their jam Ex and his most recent Ajali Jogoo road in which he featured Barna.

Unfortunately, since Papa released his sensational trap and rhumba beat, Ex that features Gabu, masses mistook him to be the popular Joe Muchiri, because of their slight semblance.

Rhumba artist Papa Lando

In as much as Papa Lando and Joe Muchiri are close buddies and look-alikes, they are actually two different people with two different personalities that netizens do not seem to have realized but probably it is time this gets addressed.

Papa Lando is the first artiste to fuse trap with Rhumba even before Sol generation’s Rhumba Japani was released.

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Matter of fact, Papa, born Ephantus Lando, is one artist who has adopted a distinctive style of music where he features urban rhumba fused with Kiswahili and Lingala for what can be described as KiswaNgala.

Papa Lando

The artist stands as ‘Papa Lando’ across all his social media platforms and it is the high time his fans got introduced to the original copy of Papa Lando and not the mistaken Joe Muchiri.

Have a look;

Ephantus Lando


Rhumba artist, Papa Lando

Ephantus Lando

Papa Lando




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