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“Mimi naambia tu Pozee kindugu, imba zile nyimbo za Yesu” Hope Kid takes a swipe at Willy Paul and Bahati

November 14, 2018 at 07:03
"Mimi naambia tu Pozee kindugu, imba zile nyimbo za Yesu" Hope Kid takes a swipe at Willy Paul and Bahati

Gospel singer Hope Kid has spoken his mind about Willy Paul singing secular and gospel songs at the same time. Speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva on Mambo Mseto, Hope Kid refused to refer Willy Paul as a gospel singer saying that he was in between.

“Nachukulia Willy Paul kama msanii, Pozee ni msanii. If he decides today aimbe wimbo inasifu Yesu kabisa ataimba, kesho akiamua aimbe mapenzi ataimba. Na Kenyans the funny thing he is the only person tumekubali akiwa hivyo, and we can’t fight it. As in he is not cold, he is not hot, yeye ni muwarm. Ako hapo katikati. Mimi siwezi sema Pozee ni msanii wa gospel ama secular, nimemuweka tu msanii generally. He can do what he wants because he gets support from every side. Ukikuja kwa kanisa tunapenda Willy tunasema ni wetu, ukipatana na Timmy anasema Willy ni wetu nyi ndo munataka kumchukua,” said Hope Kid.

Message to Pozee

Asked what he would tell Willy Paul if he was listening to him, Hope Kid said that his request and that of many other people is to see Willy Paul go back to singing true gospel songs like ‘Sitolia’.

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“The reason why God alishine the light upon your life is because he saw something in you na aliashine hiyo light ukifanya kazi yake, sio hii kazi ingine. So if you can go back to the first love, sisi kama Wakristo utuimbie wimbo ingine kama sitolia tutashukuru sana. Hio ni kilio ya every Christian. So mimi naambia tu Pozee kindugu, Pozee, imba zile nyimbo za Yesu zile zenyewe,” said Hope Kid.

Message to Bahati

Hope Kid also advised Willy Paul and Bahati to stop begging for collaborations from Tanzanian musicians;

“Be wise, when Tanzanians were invading Kenyan market, they didn’t need any Kenyan artiste. So when we want to invade theirs we want to work with them. We are playing ourselves, we have everything it takes.”

Watch the complete interview in the video below:





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