Mr Seed blasts Marua’s husband for lying: I don’t owe him any money 

June 10, 2019 at 08:46
Mr Seed blasts Marua's husband for lying: I don't owe him any money 

Gospel singers Bahati, Mr Seed and Wezdom’s relationship continues to worsen ever since the three parted ways.

Bahati was recently on TV and claimed that the two artists owe him about six million since they left his record label.

“I’ve never said this anywhere but these boys owe me KSh 6 million and that’s why I’m telling you they created a story to trend but time will tell,” Bahati said on the NTV interview. 


Mr Seed took to social media to fire back, saying he doesn’t owe him any coin and that he should stop misleading fans.

“I have achieved so much in 3 months I give God all the glory..
But my brother.. I love you and because of the love I have for you I forgave you for everything you you did to me n my family .. but I wonder why you should go n lie live on national Tv?? Anyways GOD BLESS YOU FOR EVERYTHING NO HARD FEELINGS THOUGH,” said Mr Seed. 


Weezdom however, commented on the post saying that it’s true Bahati helped them and they should be thankful.

“Bro Maze it’s the high time you guys stop all this drama na tuache kumislead mafans. Mimi ni witness that ulisaidiwa sana and am the one who spoke to bahati 2016 kukuhusu nikamshow akuhelp na nikakuita hadi home. Nvile tu siezi Sema kila kitu hapa juu nakurespect sana. But hii Kiki mi mwenyewe nilijitoa juu haina haja tubomoe msee alitusaidia. Ata God anajua 🙏 Wewe na wonder acheni story mob huyu boy nikuulizwa ameulizwa swali akajibu juu ni ukweli anawadai pesa alitumia hatawahi rudi. Where is your word of thank you in all these your statements?? Mr Seed and David Wonder tell me an artist who helped you were down? Nyinyi mimi nawaambia tu kitu moja Huyu Jamaa alipewa anointing na Mungu kuwasaidia. Mkiendelea kumfight mtaisha kabisa.”





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