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Ochunglo Family’s Benzema and Breeder LW have linked up on a new jam titled ‘Inde’ and it’s too lit (Video)

November 25, 2019 at 19:50
Benzema is a creative genius but we don't say it enough

Do you guys remember Breeder LW? The chap who amazed Kenyans when he dropped a dope verse on Khaligraph’s Khali Cartel 3? If you do, then you would be pleased to know that he has a new jam.

Breeder LW has linked up with Ochunglo Family’s Benzema, also known as Alejandro, and some guy who goes by the name Jimito on a new song titled Inde and it slaps really hard.

Inde is a Sheng word that means. It’s a corruption of innadi which I sure most of you are familiar with. Basically, it is used to shrug off people who think you are missing out on something.

Benzema and Breeder LW

Benzema and Breeder LW

I really love this jam. I’ve been playing it since it was released a few days ago and I still like it. Every time I play it, it’s as if I am listening to it for the first time. I’m not even exaggerating but this is a masterpiece.

The lyricism on this jam is unmatched. I don’t know about you but it took me back to the early and mid 2000’s when the Genge wave was sweeping across the country.

Breeder LW’s verse was totally dope. Believe you me, his punchlines and rhymes will leave you scratching your head as you try trying to understand what he meant. To add to that he has this deep bass like Odi Wa Murang’a.

To be honest, this was my first time listening to a jam by Jimito but I was not disappointed. This chap has some good rhymes and killer flow. I kid you not.



As expected, Bezema really came through on this jam. His verse seemed so effortless. At some point, he said, “Class 5 science ilikua na njaro kutuonyesha vagina ndani ya daro,” and I could not believe my ears.

Notably, the beat on this jam is also on point. More than anything, this is what will make you miss the early and mid 2000s when Genge was gaining popularity. Props to the producer – Son of Ojuka.

Watch Inde below and tell us what you think.





  1. Ochunglo Family’s Benzema and Breeder LW have linked up on a new jam titled ‘Inde’ and it’s too lit (Video) – VIP Celebrities : November 25, 2019 at 8:16 pm


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