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On to the next? Wild reactions after Mulamwah is spotted cozying up with classy light skin! (Photos)

November 18, 2020 at 12:02
On to the next? Wild reactions after Mulamwah is spotted cozying up with classy light skin! (Photos)

Mulamwah is undeniably a catch and looking at how things have been working out after his break up with Sonnie; let’s just say that sometimes losing might seem like a big deal, until you read in between the lines for the blessings.

Away from that, Mulamwah recently impressed after he was spotted hanging out with Youtuber Sloune; and as usual fans and others couldn’t help but wonder whether the two might be involved.

Not quite sure but truth is, looking at their photos one can easily see that these two would make a perfect power couple; but if only the speculations were true!

The comments left by fans have however confirmed that many would definitely want to keep up with the Mulamwahs if the indeed her bagged some Sloune; one fan wrote;

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Keep up with Mulamwahs coming soon


From the photos it’s evident that Sloune not only compliments Mulamwah with her light skin tone; but something about their energy proves that they would make a perfect couple – but probably in another life.

Haters gonna hate

While others are happy to see the two together; of course  Kamati ya roho chafu was also close by watching before dropping their negative energy. The hating supporter wrote;

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Acha tusemee… ata before kulikuwa mwingine na waliachana tu

But come to think of it, how else would Mulamwah and Sloune know they’ve made it if haters are not hating? Anyway checkout their stunning photos below;

Sloune and Mulamwah




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