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Queen Darleen cuddled with love from boyfriend on her birthday [photos]

November 06, 2019 at 08:00
Queen Darleen cuddled with love from boyfriend on her birthday [photos]

WCB´s first lady, Queen Darleen has been gushing over her lover who decided to spoil her on her birth date.

Through her Insta stories, she revealed that prior to the date, she received a cake from her special one, with words engrossed:

  happy Birthday love!

Queen Darleen´s 1st birthday cake from her man

Along with that came a bouquet of flowers, not just your ordinary kind of bouquet, but Zari´s kind – the type that comes loaded with notes of money.

When she thought that was it, he dropped another cake, this time, with Queen Darleen´s face on it, afro hair and a Queen´s crown on it.

The lass was awe-struck by her soulmate´sweet gesture as she gushes:

Baby jamani! Mbona zawadi bado zinaendelea?  Kweli, umeniletea keki kabla birthday yangu. Haya birthday yangu jana mepita.  Leo tena naletewa keki lingine.

Soon after she unwraps her charming cake, she sings along:

Wow! Nice. Thank You Honey! Thank You so Much my Love! Awww…. Queen Dee. Jamani nikupendwa raha. Sijui ni nini…aiaiiii….

Her caption reads:

Asante bby ❤😘😍❤❤

And with two birthday cakes for her big day, she pours her heart out:

Asante bby. Nkupenda Mungu Atucmamie tuzidi shkana na kupendana 😘😍❤❤❤❤🙏

Looks like she has finally met her Romeo.




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