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Sauti Sol are clearly the best musicians of all time in Africa

May 22, 2020 at 20:19
Sauti Sol are clearly the best musicians of all time in Africa

Sauti Sol has proven that music is not just an idea that you think will trend and go by it. These lads have proven that music is a touch of hard work and research.

Currently the boy band is working on releases for their album “Midnight train” to be launched on 5th June. Can’t wait!!

Anyway, I can proudly say without hesitation that Sauti Sol are the best musicians of all time. What do I mean? Their latest release “Insecure” brings out loads of revelations.  Our insecurities hold us back from the real truths about ourselves.The things we consequently hide just to fit in an entirely judgmental society.

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When we ponder about that remember we had not had enough of  “Senje’s antics in  “Suzzanna”.

Sauti Sol

I mean do we have to talk about how easily Sauti Sol make us feel “vulnerable” that we start talking?

It is obvious they have a good researcher for their content. Not forgetting its just the other day they gave us “Brighter days” a reason to appreciate their craft.

Further,  a look at the video gives you the goosebumps. They bring back memories of past days with context and content that is rather easy to relate to today.

On the other hand the group has dorminated most of the music charts lets just say for the longest time gaining respect internationally.Well they even got Obama’s love for their  song “Sura Yako”. I mean do i still have to explain how much good they have done? At home people of all ages are aware of the kind of music these group does.


Since they started of they are the only group that has stuck together all through. Musically, fans have not had to wait for months ending before they drop amazing music.

I really don’t know what we did to deserve this group but whatever it is we should appreciate them more even as we deal with our insecurities.

In conclusion, as we anticipate for the complete album we must admit that Sauti Sol are clearly the East African Sound.  In addition, the guys are authentic  and true to the African culture in their music. This is with reference to the theme of their albums.

Watch their latest jam below and tell us what you think.




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