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“She assured me no other man has ever climbed her” Man cries foul after discovering he’s raising son he didn’t father

January 05, 2018 at 08:38
"She assured me no other man has ever climbed her" Man cries foul after discovering he's raising son he didn't father

There is nothing painful like a man discovering the child he thought was his turns out to be fathered by another man. Some men are unknowingly raising kids fathered by other people.

The revelation of a Facebook user has left many people in shock. The man left Nigeria for Dubai to hustle little did he know his wife was spreading legs for his best friend and co-tenant.

The Nigerian says he suspected his wife could be having an affair even before he left for Dubai. He reveals that he decided to take his son for DNA test out of curiosity only to be shocked by the results.

“After 3 years, I discovered that my son, isn’t actually my son. Before I left Nigeria to Dubai, His mother got pregnant in December 2013, and she delivered the baby on 18th of September 2014, after a month, I left Naija.. Then I cam back this year, and went through series of test that confirmed that the boy is not mine,” wrote the man in part.

The frustrated man with the son who was fathered by another man

Busted several times

The distraught man further reveals that he caught his wife with men several times before he left the country. He confronted her but she denied having any affair.

“Before I left Nigeria, I have caught his mother several times with men, but I kept to myself, after I returned, I called on her to swear to me, and she says No man has ever climbed her. But I know she’s lying, because so many speculations have gone viral on the street, over her wayward life. She also slept with my best friend and co-tenant… damn i was pissed off when i heard this.”






  1. Just throw the hoe out,she is not worth it

  2. Anne Mkachala : January 5, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Many people are in this phase and they don’t know,if only dna was free,the world would end

  3. Its heartbreaking

  4. Damaris Nchabira : January 5, 2018 at 10:43 am

    As a man,invest in dna test just to be sure

  5. Oga must be so sad,it is well man

  6. U knew she was spreading her legs yet u stuck by her side…Bros… deal with it..ur Back with “Diran” Now ur Stupid.

  7. What did u expect , leaving behind such a young wife for three years!! ,she is human and has emotional needs. I hope u r innocent on ur part ,never climbing .

  8. The research in Tanzania shows 45% of fathers faces the same tragic….ulalaa!! women God will pay for us.

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