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“Sometimes I wish I was the man” Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh for being a coward

November 04, 2021 at 12:18
“Sometimes I wish I was the man” Karen Nyamu calls out Samidoh for being a coward

Lately been highlighting a lot of bad romance from our favorite celebrities making me want to pick a fight boyfriend I don’t even have but si tulisema next bale will be different?

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Anyway with Eric Omondi, Krg and Jimal trending looks like singer Sammidoh has also joined the group the bandwagon. Well, turns out that despite refusing to acknowledge the fact they are together the guy keeps making her look like an option all the time.

This comes just hours after Mr Muchoki allegedly denied having travelled with Karen Nyamu; when all along, they were together before their layover that saw them head different directions. Through her IG stories Nyamu wrote;

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The truth will set you free. One thing I will never do is be afraid for you guys, why should I? Hahaha! It was easier to say we took different connection flights because we both had different final destinations. You should even take this opportunity to tell these people to keep off your family issues because they know traveling with me should not be a story. They know tuko pamoja and addressing me instead of the attacker in DM is confusing. I’m tired of standing up for myself against these trolls and the person that should standup for me is fueling it.

Nyamu to Samidoh

Stupid in love

Although it’s obvious that Samidoh is not ready to acknowledge Karen Nyamu as one of his wives; the young man still struggles to leave her – probably because he benefits somehow (mentally, physically or emotionally) form her.

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Karen Nyamu on the other hand claims that she is in love with Samidoh and despite that many times she hopes he will treat her right…she realizing position ni ile ile ya side chick. Aki mapenzi Wewe, Ayam tired.

Confessing her feelings to Samidoh, Karen wrote:

I fell in love and I’ll never regret that. Deep inside me there’s a little girl that adores Mr Muchoki despite…and I’ve never hidden that fact. I keep convincing myself maybe he doesn’t know better haha.


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