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Video of Ben Kitili’s wife shaking her booty leaves jaws dropping online 

October 16, 2020 at 12:44
Video of Ben Kitili's wife shaking her booty leaves jaws dropping online 

Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude has left fans on social media ogling her fine body; moments after sharing of her family dancing to one of tiktoks popular tunes.

As seen on the video, Ms Amina is seen in the company of her husband and daughter; however everyone in the comment section seems to have had their eyes on Mude.

Judging from how she whined her waist, moved her hips and shaked her booty, team mafisi felt that this was more of a thirst trap post; than a post showing a family having fun.

Amina Mude

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weight loss journey

Amina Mude has been living her best life after shading close to 30kgs, almost 2 years after welcoming her baby boy.

Through her social media pages, the mother of two opened up about her weight gain that left her depressed due to the new changes her body was undergoing. However thanks to her support system and caring husband, Mrs Kitili’s managed to pick herself up and has been making great progress with her figure.

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So far we can confirm that she can dance better than most socialites parading their big booty’s on social media. From the video below, it’s only right to say that we now know why Ben Kitili stays entertained in his marriage!

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Quarantine chronicles #TBT #dancingfamily #bodypositivity

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