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Willy Paul’s curve to secular music is totally paying off

April 20, 2020 at 18:13
Willy Paul's curve to secular music is totally paying off

When Willy Paul shifted from the gospel industry to the secular Scene,fans were skeptical about his move.

People went ahead to judge his decision but well ain’t all we all judged no matter what we do?

Willy paul first got people talking when he was caught ob camera grinding on a lady at  a club in Nairobi.This did not excite the holier than though because he was a gospel artist. Right?

Secular shift

As the scandal died down he dropped a new song  “Njiwa” a collaboration with Tanzania’s songstress Nandy. Then again the internet blew up about Willy Paul shifting to secular.

Well this time he took it upon himself to clear the air as he said he was just an artist no specificity. Clearer than ever!

That notwithstanding he dropped another song with Nandy “Hallelujah” and he still became a topic. Trust Kenyans on Twitter, certified trolls.

Further more “Bwana Mkunaji” has been doing well in the secular scene.

Unapologetic Willy

Willy Paul posing with his ‘wife’

The collaborations he has done so far have been well received by fans.Another thing is that Willy Paul can no longer pretend about what he really wants.

For one, he keeps doing good music, I mean raunchy but at least he is true to himself.

He  has been able to reach to his fans from all over with his music  with plans of bigger collaborations.

On several occasions he has been seen in interviews from Tanzania media as one of the biggest artists  in East Africa.

His art keeps growing by the day.

Not that we don’t miss him in the gospel scene,  but we can enjoy the dances in this “new ” unapologetic Willy Paul.On the other hand he is totally worth betting on for good music.

I mean Willy Paul is living the life he always wanted,from that small boy from the slums to being the owner of Saldido records.

True definition of a dream come true. So people judging him should give the boy a break!





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