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2021 will be Otile Brown’s to conquer

January 04, 2021 at 16:07
2021 will be Otile Brown's to conquer

Otile Brown had a massive 2020 but I would argue that that was simply the precursor of things to come in 2021 what with the manner in which the entertainment industry was severely hampered by the Covid19 lockdown measures that the government had put in place.

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You see, a lot of artists who had major bangers last year were unable to harvest from their hard work because we were all coupled up in our homes. The concerts weren’t there. The clubs weren’t there for a major part of the past year. So Otile Brown never really got to interact with his fans and build his brand on a personal level. He couldn’t get to talk to his fans to find out what more they wanted to see from him.

Otile Brown

R&B singer Otile Brown

But as we move on to 2021, Kenyans are increasingly becoming tired of the situation. Civil disobedience is growing and Kenyans who are tired of just sitting in their living rooms are becoming creative about how they party. Add to this the fact that with schools opening up, it is only a matter of time until the Covid19 restrictions stop making sense. And Otile Brown clearly has more artistry in store for us all and he will still be able to perform last years songs as if they are still fresh because most Kenyans have never seen the performances.

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He is already the most listened to Kenyan artist. That will come into play as Kenyans begin to flock nightclubs and concerts once more. He will be the most sort after performer. And if he can keep churning out hits like he did, he will become the main guy to beat or collaborate with. I see him actually getting to a point where he can compete with Tanzanian artists everywhere in East Africa except in Tanzania.

Otile Brown

Just In Love CEO, Otile Brown

Think Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. Think about East Africans in the diaspora. He could actually get to a point where he rivals Sauti Sol in terms of performances but for this to work, he also needs to get proper management in place. That way, he can capitalize on his rising stardom and get financial success commensurate with the popularity of his art.

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At this point, the only reason why Otile Brown wouldn’t succeed would be something entirely up to him and perhaps, laziness. He has taken off, he should focus on making this year his heifer and run roughshod on it.

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