5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Getting Mugged In The City

Cases of assault in the city have become rampant recently. And it’s quite a scare for netizens as they cruise the petrifying city streets; some of which have been red-zoned. With netizens on high alert, there’s definitely a few ways you can employ to avoid being a statistic.

To begin with, avoid walking along lonely blind alleys. Most of them are a den that await anyone who seems to be lost. You’ll end up having nowhere to run/hide since most of them are just a cul de sac. Consider using open streets while going to your destination.

The most under-rated method number 2 is walking fast. Most of these hooligans will target someone who seems confused and he/she is walking slowly. Keep up the pace, walk it like you talk it!

Avoid Being Mugged - Live Safely

Thirdly, situational awareness. Most people are easily robbed in the city for not being aware of their own surrounding(s). While you walk, take a sneak peak of whose around you. Try to beware of anyone who is following you around surreptitiously.

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The other obvious method to avoid getting mugged is to walk with friends/company. Tag a friend along after work; or while going to visit new places in the city. This will help you with manpower whenever thug(s) corner you.

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Lastly, employ contextual dress-codes when necessary. If you look too fancy & lavish, you’ll be the centre of attraction for thieves. Of course they’re after money and goodies. And your outfit will determine whether they’ll come after you or not. Keep it simple!


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