Actress Naomi Nyongesa publicly disapproves son’s , Xtian Dela relationship with Fatma Banj

Fatma Banj was just chilling at home with newborn baby when her name started trending following her mother in law’s interview where she blamed her for the now known fallout with son – Xtian Dela.

From what Mama Xtian Dela aka Naomi Nyongesa says is that her son has been avoiding her for 4 years now and so far is convinced that son’s girlfriend Fatma Banj is the reason why Xtian doesnt want to go back home.

Okay….with that statement – we start seeing where the problem could be and believe it or not – i feel that Naomi Nyongesa might actually be regretting some of the things she said on the interview – i.e publicly disapproving her son’s choice on who he wants to settle down with.

Toxic son and mother relationship?

Well – if this the kind of thing Naomi Nyongesa talks to her son about – then you can understand why its been 4 years since they communicated or saw each other face to face.

Not that we are taking any sides – but truth is, when parents feel the need too personal in their kids love lives….it creates bad blood from the constant reminder of one always failing at everything they do.

So yea….despite Naomi Nyangesa having a point (in that she needs her son) how about maybe they have a sit down and see where they can all draw boundaries to avoid losing more time apart…..and instead of kila saa kuteteshana, about being supportive for once?

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