Andrew Kibe being accused of being LGBTQ will backfire

The juiciest rumour of the day hell, the week is about an Andrew Kibe being a member of the lgbtq+ community. This allegation was made by a former friend turned enemy by the name of Susan Gacambi.

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Miss Susan is a promoter in America who often flies out Kenyan artists for tours. They had a falling out after kiba called her and Kikuyu artist Samidoh in what was essentially high school drama.

However Miss Susan has come out all guns blazing and accused Andrew Kibe of not just being gay but also an abuser of the sexual variety, you know the one that rhymes with grape.

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She held an interview on her social media live and alleged that she was speaking to a victim of Andrew Kibe’s this attack is bound to backfire. The first reason for this assertion is the fact that it will not gain momentum among members of the LGBTQ community who are tired of being the butt of every joke or being used as some sort of filthy allegation against individuals.

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Secondly, Andrew Kibe’s known for being a Womanizer and though some of his attempts are akin to those of a bumbling idiot the question about his sexuality does not exist. So it’s clear to all that these allegations hold no water.

But why would Susan decide to level them against him? Well, to answer that one leads to harken back to the time when Diana B accused Willy Paul of grapping her in what many came to view as a false accusation.

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This accusation created a monster as now Kenyan women know that all they need to do is to accuse a man of grape and they could bring down his entire life. They seem to have learnt this tactic from watching the me-too movement play abroad. And what makes Diana B’s accusation that much more egregious is the fact that she didn’t need to provide evidence whether circumstantial or real and it cost willy Paul several endorsement deals.

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Miss Susan has decided to create a warped accusation against Kibe based on the fact that Kenyans are a conservative society be they Christian or Muslim and most still have not accepted the LGBTQ community. So this was not only a calculated move to make Andrew before tall as what she hoped would be disparagingly but also as one of the vilest types of criminals our grapist.

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What should he do in the face of this accusation? Andrew has the option of ignoring the accusation and keeping it pushing or he could seek legal redress. Sadly I wouldn’t say he has to hire standing in the eyes of many a Kenyan so he wouldn’t get much in the way of damages but all he has is his name, therefore, he needs to do whatever he can to protect it. And we need him as men to set an example of just how harshly such hateful and cruel allegations must be dealt with.

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