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Bridget Achieng and the Lagos connection revealed for what it really is

June 15, 2021 at 04:30
Bridget Achieng and the Lagos connection revealed for what it really is

Bridget Achieng is the buzzword of the moment after she was exposed for being an alleged prostitute. Actually, I do not know why we are using the term allegedly when there is an entire interview we did she did with BBC Africa in which she admitted to being a commercial sex worker.

Now, apparently, one of her “political enemies” in the form of Black Cinderella leaked a video of Bridget Achieng in her private moments as she was as naked as the day she was born. I will not be discussing that. I do not agree with leaking such videos. But what is interesting for us to note is that there were also alleged complaints from some of her Nigerian clients and her pimp in Lagos.

Bridget Achieng

These complaints were hilarious as the pimp pointed out that her customers are very upset that what they ordered online was nothing like what was delivered. Bridget Achieng is known to have altered her image with all the bleaching creams she has used and they have obviously left their skin damage on her body but she also uses alot of makeup and filters so there’s that too.

Bridget Achieng explicit video surfaces online adding injury to her tainted reputation

With all the juicy stories tied to this matter, one thing that shouldn’t go over your head is that Lagos is the training ground for a lot of these socialites before they set off for Dubai. What do I mean you ask?

Bridget Achieng after doctoring her pictures

Think about it, how do these socialites who we know do not have a source of income afford to fly to Lagos and then stay at one of the most expensive regions in all of Africa such as Banana Island and Victoria Island?

Bridget Achieng Reveals Age When She Became A Millionaire, Claims She Doesn’t Have A Sugar Daddy

Why do people think that such a life is a bed of rposes for starters and secondly, why do people actually place trollops like Bridget Achieng on a pedestal? Why do we actually try to help glamourize the lives these girls go to lead in Lagos when they visit for “work”?

Bridget Achieng looks nothing in real life as she does here

Do not make any mistake about it, these prostitutes we call socialites are leading young idiotic girls astray. The type to see them through the filters of IG and think that those snapshots are what life is about. So you have little girls putting themselves in humiliating positions and taking on insane mental damage just to also seem like they are “Boss Babes”. You think not? Well, check out what a recent study reported:

Compared to other groups, prostitute in the present study reported severe and frequent rates of PTSD and other distress symptoms, such as tension, aggression, somatization, anger, depression, fatigue, and frustration.

Bridget Achieng has done her part to expose these Lagos trips socialites keep taking for what they are. Now what I wonder is whether you will look at your sister, your girlfriend or daughter the same when she takes an inexplicable trip to Banana Island. You should probably check out the video below to understand what those Dubai and Lagos trips are really about:

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