Daddy Owen’s heartbreak: Lessons Kenyan men should learn

Image: Daddy Owen celebrates wife, Farida

Daddy Owen was one of the hottest stories at the start of the year (dragging on from the end of 2021). He was the happy winner of an imploding (imploded) marriage when word went around that his wife was about to get married to another man while still married to him -I believe this is called bigamy.

Daddy Owen issues official statement weeks after wife allegedly ditched him for rich tycoon

You see, Daddy Owen had married his wife, Farida Wambui. She was a single mother of one when they decided to start dating and we will get to why this is actually an important part of the equation. Anyway, Kenyans woke up to the news that she was seen riding around in a luxury 4×4 car and was infact engaged to some wealthy businessman from GilGil.

Daddy Owen
Former lovebirds, Daddy Owen and Farida

And when Daddy Owen decided to finally address all the rumours surrounding his family, he simply said some tepid, spineless bullshit that read:

Daddy Owen responds to Ksh 2 Million demand letter from Sarkozy

I want to take this opportunity to issue an official statement. Thank you to all who have reached out to me in one way or another over the last few days with prayers or encouraging words of support following news circulating in the media involving me and my family.
The Word of God encourages us in all seasons to rejoice, for the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. This requires us to maintain a perspective of joy in whatever we go through as we know ultimately our walk will produce perfection in God for He makes all things work out for good.
Thank you for all your encouragement and as I journey through this season, I request for time, patience and lots of prayers as you’ve always supported me in my Ministry. I appreciate you for always being there, and I remain confident God will see us through. Love conquers all and Love covers a multitude of sins. God Bless You All.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen has been left pondering the meaning of love after his wife reportedly left him

This statement and everything we have since learned about Daddy Owen’s marriage is what we need to focus on so we learn from this debacle.

“He who finds a wife, finds a good thing” Daddy Owen sweetly celebrates his wife on their 4th wedding anniversary

#1. Never date or marry a single mother.

Never in a million years date a single mother seriously. Enjoy the ride and then get off when things begin to get serious. And for the love of God, do not commit and marry single mothers. These relationships usually have some major problems. First, let us start with the fact that she clearly has poor decision-making skills which led her to end up with the child of a man who didn’t want to be a father. Secondly, you will never be allowed to discipline her children as if they are your own. you will constantly be reminded they are her children.
Add to this the fact that it doesn’t benefit a man to help raise crotch-goblins not of his genetic makeup who will constantly be cheeky and remind you that you’re not their father. They will go through life with a chip on their shoulder and you will be served with dealing with the emotional damage that comes along with having been rejected by their fathers.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen and Farida Wambui back when they were dating

#2. Daddy Owen is a weak man

Daddy Owen mourns the death of his close friend, Papa Dennis!

Why was he mourning and moaning about this failed relationship? He should have sucked it up and moved on. Clearly, the people within his circles are just as useless as he is because they are the source of this information about him. He needs to rethink who his friends are and to quickly move on to only trusting one or two people and only shedding tears in their presence. The rest of the world doesn’t need to know about his suffering. As a man, showing a chink in the armour is taken as weakness. That is why when word first broke about his failed marriage, Kenyans mocked him rather than sympathized and empathized with him.

#3. Just like Daddy Owen realized, men are human doings, not human beings

When he was the biggest star in Kenya, he was happily married. When he was making money, his wife, Farida was happy to make a home for them and their children. Now that he has fallen off and most of the shows have dried up, her love for him too has dried up. Men are only as valuable as what they do for their partners, their parents, siblings and society. The minute you as a man fall off, society will move on as you no longer have utility.

#4. Never pedestalize a woman

Daddy Owen set to grace and minister during the Men´s Conference 2020 edition

Daddy Owen would speak about his wife as if she were a veritable goddess. The problem with putting people up a pedestal is that they have no other way to look at and address us but by looking down at us and talking down. He used to treat her like a superstar so she treated him like a groupie. That is why she has moved on with her life so quickly; in both their minds, he is nowhere near her level. We are human beings and at the end of the day, we are flawed. He needs to go forward with his life understanding and internalizing this.

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen has been left to pick up the pieces pof his life.

#5. Learn to lead

According to Daddy Owen, whenever they would get into a heated argument, Farida would begin speaking in Kikuyu. This is something that shows a lack of leadership because he is incapable of even setting rules within his own home that govern their interactions. How can you not lead in your own home and not expect things to go awry? It is something as simple as letting the other party know how to deal with differences in opinions. He should have let her know that he was not the one to talk Kikuyu to and when she broke this rule, he should have walked out of the house and withdrawn attention. Instead, he kept silent about this disrespect or he ignored it.

I would also tell that Gilgil businessman to tread carefully with this one because she will define their relationship through the means she got into it -cheating. unless ofcourse, he is obtaining a third wife.


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