Difference in Wahu and Kamene Goro relationship advice shows why one is a divorcee

Wahu and Kamene Goro both took to their individual platforms to share some relationship advice and I have to say that the difference between the two were pretty telling and they give us a glimpse into the reasons why one of the two is happily married and the other is a funny joke about modern marriages.

Fix Yourself Before You Get A Man- Wahu’s Relationship Advice

You see, the type of advice people give says a lot about their perspectives and experiences. And when someone opens their mouth to give you any advice, especially when it is unsolicited, one also has to keenly look at the context from whence it comes. In this case, we will do exactly that.

Wahu gives great relationship advice

Wahu is a woman who has been married for well over a decade and a half. She has gone through the ringer of gossip and rumours regarding her and a Tanzanian singer from back in the day called Chege from Mwanaume TMK and she and her husband decided to fix their marriage and focus on their family.

Don’t Try To Convince A Man- If He Knows Your Worth, He Will Stay-Kamene Goro

Meanwhile, Kamene Goro had gone through a marriage where we really do not know what the main issues were but soon after she was divorced by her ex-husband, she started recalling us with tales of how she had been with 27 men sexually.

Wahu is happily married

Kamene Goro and Wahu represent different schools of thought. On the one hand, the former is a representation of modern millennial women who want to be the life of the party. She wants to live through every experience. Wahu, on the other hand, is from the school of thought that still celebrated modesty in women. Not because men and women are socialized differently but because that is how ladies are meant to carry themselves.

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And as a result, we see Wahu lead a stable life as an entrepreneur, a gospel singer, a mother and most importantly, a wife. Kamene Goro is a successful radio personality and party girl who keeps opining about wanting to fulfil her hindbrain’s need to settle down and start a family. One has been faithful to that drive, the other is peddling nonsense advice about that animalistic drive.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goror gives terrible takes on relationships

That is why when Wahu gives you advice, she will say,

”And I said in my post, don’t look for someone who completes you. You should actually strive to be complete on your own. And look for someone who loves you completely and you love them completely. And you keep striving to work around your differences and stuff like that. When you’re looking for someone to complete the circle, you’ll always have a gap. And when that person is not able to fulfill it, then what happens?… Atakuangusha whether anataka ama hataki because they are human… It’s almost a recipe of failure…”

That advice is introspective. It challenges women to do the work on themselves to complete themselves first before demanding a man come in and complete them. This is the most balanced way to find happiness.

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Meanwhile, Kamene Goro is giving simpleton advice like:

He will only be with you when he has time for you… And when you ask him about taking your situation to the next level, he’s like, I’m still not sure… Any man who meets a woman, knows within the first two and a half minutes whether he’s going to be with you or not… You do not have to convince any man of your worth or value in his life. If you have to convince him, bounce.

This is the type or garbage you only tell your sister if she is fine not dating a high-value man. This is the type of nonsense that will have women dating men who aren’t trying to be the best versions of themselves. And it depends entirely on the man fulfilling his partner. So she becomes needy and clingy.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro has opened up about her body size in the past

You tell me whose advice you would prefer to take when it comes down to long term relationships. When you want something serious with a man who is either building or running his empire, a man who is busy trying to set up his life and legacy. But if you want a cuddle buddy for the cold weather and he vanishes like a genie once you’re done rubbing his lamp, then by all means, listen to Kamene Goro.

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