DJ Mo and wife, Size 8 open up about their life achievements on ‘The Hope’ issue on Parents magazine

It is no secret that DJ Mo and Size 8 have helped build each other in ways many can’t explain. Just like the vows they exchanged, DJ Mo and his wife have stood by each others side through thick and thin; and if I am not wrong, these two are ranked among the most richest gospel artists in the country.

Their journey to where there are today has however not been easy and unlike most people who would joy ride or use short cuts to get what they want in life; DJ Mo and Size 8 chose to start from zero and now they have a story to share.

The Murayas

Among those things they have achieved is a successful marriage that has not only been based on God; but two lovely children who continue to motivate both DJ Mo and Size to work extra hard as they have tiny humans looking up to them.

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Featured on Parents Magazine

So far the two have graced several covers of top saloon magazines in East Africa; and now they also got an opportunity to feature on parents magazine where they opened up about a few unknown things about their lives.

DJ Mo and wife, Size 8

As seen on the cover, both Mo and Size talk about their life achievements, count their blessings and lastly how they have been coping with Coronavirus – that has left many businesses struggling to survive.

Birth complications

Apart from this, a few fans as seen on the comment section are hoping Size 8 will finally share more details about her son’s delivery story. This is because many have already seen the short version’s of how Muraya Junior was born; however Size 8 withheld details as to how she made it through the high blood pressure complications and her CS.

All in all I bet what matters most is the fact that she walked out alive; and just like the perfect husband, Mo never left his wife’s side.

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