Eddie Butita is proof showbiz has no friendship or loyalty

Image: Eddie Butita

I have never witnessed the stark disloyalty and betrayal exhibited by comedian Eddie Butita that I saw when Eric Omondi was caught up in Ezekiel Mutua’s ego trap that saw him cancel the current season of Wife Material.

Eddie Butita Announces His Return To Eric’s Wife Material Show As Director, Days After Ditching Him

You see, Eric Omondi had conceptualized and created the show, Wife material and he was running it as per his vision. That meant that the show kept getting more and more ratchet as it ran.

Eddie Butita
Eddie Butita used to feature on The Trend show

Ezekiel Mutua, however, went after him by playing on the technicality that any show that is filmed and distributed in Kenya has to be licensed by the Kenya Film Classification Board. And Bwana Omondi had neglected to get a filming permit -though the show is “distributed” on YouTube. And when we didn’t think things could get worse for the man, Eddie Butita spoke to distance himself from the show.

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One has to wonder what drove Eddie Butita to speak up when no one was even aware that he was a member of the production team. So him informing us that he had told Eric Omondi to create a script for the ladies participating in the show came off as rather sly and unnecessary.

Eddie Butita
Eddie Butita was eager to kick his friend while he was down

Then he went on to seemingly feed the flames Ezekiel Mutua was creating and I found myself wondering why. He said he didn’t want to be part of the show but the money is the only thing that keeps him there. So basically, his loyalty is only dependent on the money and even then, it is shaky. that then raises the question of why Eric Omondi doesn’t just simply get a professional scriptwriter who isn’t only better at the gig but knows when to keep his mouth shut.

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The reason I say this is because at the end of the day, the only reason he got the gig is that Eric Omondi considers him a friend. The position wasn’t competitively sourced and filled. It went to some guy Eric thought was his friend. So why not honour that friendship? Why air out your dirty linen and do so right as the man is being dragged over coal by Ezekiel Mutua?

Eddie Butita

I get it, these celebrities are random people plying their trade and craft within the same eco-system but why bother acting like a friend when it benefits you only to turn around and necessarily attack a person? That is quite the asshole move. It really only betrays that he is silently awaiting Eric Omondi’s downfall and while he had warned Eric Omondi, he is indeed truly only a friend in as far as there are benefits.

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