Edgar Obare is a misandrist

Edgar Obare is one man who can boast of having caused an entire industry disruption that no one saw coming nor did they know how to respond to. To say he saw the opportunity before others and capitalized on it brilliantly is an understatement!

Acha Kunianika, Tafuta Kazi- Weezdom Sends Warning To Blogger Edgar Obare (Screenshot)

He has built an entire empire within an already congested domain: gossip blogging and he did so in a way that put everyone already in that space to shame. However, as brilliant a mind as he has, it has one glaring flaw to it: he is a raging misandrist.

Edgar Obare resurfaces in flawless skin

For those of you too lazy to Google for yourselves what that means, a misandrist is a person who hates men. And Edgar Obare fits the bill. Allow me 2 minutes to show you why I’m making so bold a claim.

Edgar Obare Back With New Account, Complains Of Instagram Being Hostile & Limiting

The manner in which he handles scandals involving women vs those involving men is rather stark. On the one hand, he gives women a lot of leeway (unless of course, you happen to be in his bad graces in which case he’s as petty with you as he is with men). Whenever reporting about female celebrities involved in scandals, he is almost apologetic and handles them with kid gloves.

Edgar Obare

When Edgar Obare is dealing with men, he does scant research on the matter before posting what he has even if the details would be half wrong. Case in point? How he did Boutross dirty. We have not seen instances where he has shared the nudes of any female. So why did he do Boutross so dirty?

Edgar Obare: Kenyans Are Mature Enough To Have GBV Discussions

You could try and make the argument that he is pandering to his audience and that would be fine and dandy but for you to argue that is for you to forgot the countless of times he could have kept the same energy and he himself opted not to.  So there is no consistency backing that argument.

Edgar Obare at his lowest moment after he’d been kidnapped and humiliated

What he has done is essentially just arbitrarily deciding to humiliate Boutross simply because he’s a man and the feminist harpies who make up a large percent of his audience will not be offended. Hell, they’ll celebrate him for it.


Have you ever seen how he reports on GBV cases involving female aggressors? The language used is almost always apologetic. That is why he hasn’t gone as hard on Maxine Wahome as he did when Prezzo was being accused of being violent. Something’s got to give because his standard seems subjective.


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