Edgar Obare: Kenyans Are Mature Enough To Have GBV Discussions

Image: Edgar Obare resurfaces in flawless skin

Edgar Obare has been hosting conversations on his new (or is it simply a back up) social media account, BNNKe revolving around gender-based violence (henceforth referred to as GBV) and I have been truly underwhelmed.

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This is a conversation that is nuanced. Not everything is clear cut and not everything regarding this conversation is black and white. Yet when Kenyans have it, it tells a damning story of why Africa is said to have the lowest iQ of all the continents.

I say this because what I have seen on Edgar Obare’s content is merely opinions and invecture made based on gender and cultural leanings. Simply put, the conversation descends into man bad, woman good diatribe.

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If the commenter is conservative, then she deserves to be met with GBV. If the commenter is some neo-liberal schmuck, then “believe all women” is the argument of the day.

Tea master, Edgar Obare

To start off, there is no understanding of the terms being used. Terms like femicide and toxic masculinity are tossed around so frivolously by people who can neither string their statement in a manner that makes grammatical sense nor can they defend their positions.

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And that is part of the reason as to why my reading the comments on Edgar Obare’s stories and posts specifically dedicated to GBV have me believing that we are not mature enough to have a proper conversation about the topic not prefaced by nonsensical one-liners and emotions.

The truth is, all human beings are capable of vile acts. All human beings are capable of victimizing the weak. All human beings are also capable of redemption. And not everything is as cut and dry as we like to make it seem for the sake of our simplistic understanding.

Men and women initiate intimate partner violence at a nearly equal rate. It’s called Gender symmetry in intimate partner violence. Simply put, a U.S. National Family Violence Survey carried out by Murray A. Straus and Richard J. Gelles found that 11.6% of women and 12% of men had experienced some kind of domestic violence in the last twelve months, also 4.6% of men and 3.8% of women had experienced “severe” domestic violence.

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So only the uninformed approach this topic from the simplistic notion of men are evil and the only perpetrators of GBV. And only stupid people conflate self-defence with GBV. And Edgar Obare and his audience need to be informed of the same. And the topic is a kaleidoscope of everything inbetween.

This topic needs an “embrace all voices” approach. From the vile feminists to knuckle-dragging troglodytes who think it is their right to beat the women in their lives to everyone in between. It needs to stop being fashioned as an all-out ad hominem buffet.

But where will you find Kenyans mentally mature enough to have this conversation?

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