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If Eric Omondi wants Wife Material to continue as a success, here’s what he needs to do

February 04, 2021 at 10:17
If Eric Omondi wants Wife Material to continue as a success, here's what he needs to do

Eric Omondi is a comedian whose story reads like an inspirational mantra. He started with nothing as a nobody. Then he went into the Churchill Show and for some reason, Churchill decided to mentor him and we watched as he grew from an unknown comic to a household name.

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Then he left to try to strike it out on his own and that show flunked horribly. He had to eat humble pie, tuck his tail between his legs and walk back to Churchill to ask for a second chance. And Eric Omondi was lucky enough to be granted that boon.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi with the runaway star of Wife Material, Shakillah

He rebuilt himself and made sure when he had a sturdy fanbase when he decided to depart a second time. This time, when he left, he got the support of his mentor and he moved on with life. But because he didn’t really have a steady gig, he would ping on and off like a blip on our collective radar.

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He decided to focus on social media (Instagram) comedy and Eric Omondi grew his brand on the platform to the immense numbers he currently enjoys. That was a delight to watch even though from time to time he has had to indulge in some cringe comedy that made him seem more like a buffoon than a comedian.

Eric Omondi

“I’ve been on a gym workout routine for 8 months,” Eric Omondi explains his ‘sudden’ weight gain

Eric Omondi would be indulging in toilet humour aswell as some skits that were ludicrous. But it was not all bleak as he found he had a strong mind for ads as he would create the most hilarious ads that would go viral. That is something everyone across the divide of fans and haters have to agree with.

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He has now come up with an idea for comedic shows that he shares (or is the word publishes) on his YouTube channel and the first, Wife Material is a major success thanks in no small part to the inclusion of Shakilla.

Eric Omondi

Comedian, Eric Omondi

But now that he has announced it will have a second followup season, he seems to want to include himself in it as the main act once more and I am of the opinion this will be a major problem. Eric Omondi is the one guy who starred in the previous show and it concluded with his “wedding”. Only for him and everyone involved to admit there was no such conclusion and it was all a ruse.

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This negates the need for any other women to participate in a second season. He made the blunder of showing that the show is a joke. He needs to now get another celebrity to star in season two. That way, women will have a reason to apply for admission onto the cast and then to be a part of the show.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi showing off his gains

Imagine if he decided to get say, Willy Paul to get onto the show. Or Exray. That would be a smash hit. He should move back and handle the production and directorial tasks of the show and let someone else get in on the action to keep it fresh.

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