Guardian Angel is a fool for accepting Esther Musila’s refusal to give him kids

Guardian Angel decided to marry a rather old woman in Esther Musila and there really is nothing wrong with that… Is what we would say if we were in the business of selling lies. The reason I am saying this is because they recently were given a red-carpet interview.

Esther Musila happy marriage to Guardian Angel proves age is nothing but a number when it comes down to genuine love

And while having the interview, they were asked the one question any functional human beings wonders about; will they be having children together? And the reason this is a huge talking point is that as a species we are created and driven for procreation.

Esther Musila with hubby, Guardian Angel

But given the age gap between Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila, that might not be possible. While he is a young man, she is no spring chicken and even if she might not have hit menopause, she has definitely become a candidate for geriatric pregnancies.

Guardian Angel fed up with idlers meddling in his private life

Also, it would make sense for Guardian Angel to want kids of his own. It is his biological imperative. And his wife, Esther Musila has already gotten her children. She has her brood which she got the right way by the way (after securing the commitment of a valuable man).

Guardian Angel with beloved, Esther Musila

So why would Guardian Angel deny his evolved biological drive? What would he present to his mother? What happens to his lineage? Guardian Angel has to answer to this.

Why Mrs Guardian Angel (Esther Musila’s) love advice is pathetic

And the truth is, he is scared of having that conversation with his wife. She is the economic powerhouse in their marriage. She wears the pants and he needs her to be happy for him to continue living a comfortable life cos let’s face it, he wasn’t exactly the type of gospel musician who was raking in the big bucks.


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