Harmonize needs to stop being associated with cuckoldry

Image: Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

Once again Harmonize is linked with a cuckoldry situation in which she is reported to have taken a man’s wife. According to reports out of Tanzania he is being linked with a lady called Habbty Rouhy who was previously married to Haji Sunday Manara.

According to reports and from videos they have posted on social media it is clear that the pair are currently together and enjoying each other’s company at his Mansion. That’s right he really isn’t making any attempt to hide the fact that he is with a married woman.

While that might seem like the alpha play, it’s actually a very short-sighted way of leading one’s life because of the risks involved. It is abundantly clear as well that harmonize lacks d-discipline and that might very well be what occasions his downfall.

The risk-reward rate is absurdly not in his favour. At the end of the day he is with a woman whom another man had married. Going through the motions of introducing each other to the family he has paid bride price and they stood before the appropriate clergy and the government and declared each other husband and wife. But situations emotions are bound to rise high.

You can already guess what could go wrong in such a situation. The cuckolded man could very well suffer temporary insanity and do permanent harm to Harmonize. So why take this risk? It’s not like he is out of options when it comes to Tanzanian beauties.

It does, however, boil down to his staff at mindset. The Tanzanian crooners strikes us as the type of man who is still operating off of the Starving Man syndrome. Well either that or in addition to that he also suffers from the Imposter syndrome. Doesn’t seem to have accepted that he is the star he is and as a result he keeps simping and pedestalising the wrong women simply because of their standing in society.

Whatever the case may be one can only hope that things don’t go all the way left and he ends up being a statistic. Story that is mentioned in bars as warnings to other men not to engage with married women.

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