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Harmonize new relationship with older woman is a thing of beauty

February 15, 2021 at 14:22
Harmonize new relationship with older woman is a thing of beauty

Harmonize is dating an older woman called Kajala and the internet can’t get enough of it. You see, while we talk about love not respecting age nor creed, we are often very closeminded about younger men dating older women.

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We tend to see those relationships as one for monetary gain. And I do not understand why that is a thing to be sneered at to be honest. That is why to me Harmonize’s relationship is truly a thing of beauty and should be admired as such.


Harmonize laughing

Harmonize is one of the top of the East African entertainment scene. While he might not be close to his previous mentor, Diamond Platnumz, he is trying to ascend that mountain. To do so means he is burning alot of money.

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When you look at the way Harmonize rolls, he is always in convoys and has alot of bodyguards. That costs money. And he has decided to get a benevolent sponsor. So what if he has to exchange his company and body in order to keep that tap going?



We have all seen women use the same tactics in the past. When entertainment was not a lucrative career choice, we saw alot of female artists get men to sponsor them. We said nothing about that yet Harmonize knows no peace online.

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Every time he attempts to celebrate his love, he gets lampooned. It is really sad to see. I am a libertarian who believes that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. So whatever harmonize has to do to remain relevant, let him.


Harmonize posing

And I am now done looking at the worst-case scenario. It isn’t that bad is it? And for all we know, he is genuinely happy with life with Kajala. He seems happy. I would say Harmonize is more happier than he was when he was with Sarah Michelotti.

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So who are we to judge? We are not in the same room they sleep in and we do not share the duvet with them. Perhaps they are actual soulmates and we are all cockblocking their joy and blessings. Maybe she does indeed complete him and makes him feel like he can be a better man.

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